Arena Marquee Hire offers a great range of Mobile Marquee Bar’s and other Bar and associated event equipment to help make your party or event to go off with a bang! Our mobile marquee bars and matching equipment are all available to hire for special occasions such as Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events too!

We have got everything covered whether you need a traditional free bar, paying bar or combination bars, whatever you need we can help.

If you book with us then your Marquee Bar will arrive at your location to be fully installed by us. It includes everything you need such as the following specialist bar equipment: Bar Sections, Pumps, Bottle Coolers, Line Coolers and other necessary bar equipment that you may not have thought of already!

Booking a Free Bar for your party or event?

If you need to have the bar supplied with bar staff then we can help too, just ask. Some parties have a free bar and some have a pay bar but that decision is naturally, completely up to you. Just bear in mind that free bars can become something of a feeding frenzy because someone else is picking up the tub, and that someone could be you!

If you are picking up the tab then, whoever you use to run the bar, make sure that there is a fully itemised bill showing all drinks that have been dispensed, after the event! If you are unsure about all this, just ask, we are here to help!


Would you like to book a Pay Bar for your Occasion?

If you are going to have a ‘paying’ bar, where people will be expected to pay for their drinks, then you should acquire a ‘Temporary Event Notice’ first.  If you need help with this, procuring the drinks for the event or staffing the bar then we can help if necessary, just let us know in advance of your Pay Bar requirements.

The good thing about deciding upon a ‘Pay Bar’ is, of course, that you will not be the one picking up the bill for all of the drinks that are consumed during the occasion!

Clearing up after the event

At the end of your event, we will dismantle your Bar and remove it quickly and efficiently so that you don’t need to worry or stress over it.

So there you have it, whether you are looking for a Free Bar, a Pay Bar or a combination Bar, we can help to get everything set up for you as you want it, just get in touch!

Do you need a Combination Bar?

A combination bar is a combination of a free bar and a pay bar, where you pay up to a set limit and then your guest would need to pick up the tab! Great if you just want to get the party going!