Corporate Marquee Hire

Top tips and ideas for corporate marquee hire fun

As opposed to holding your next corporate function in the office or a boring and lifeless event venue, think about hiring a marquee instead. As well as saving yourself some money, this option gives you much more freedom and flexibility in terms of size, style, location, lighting, entertainment, and decoration.

Your guests will get more of a chance to be at one with the great outdoors too with a fun marquee hire!

Since 1993, Arena Event Hire has been supplying marquees for a wide range of corporate functions, from industry conferences to product launches and even annual parties. But if you want to inject a bit more amusement and enjoyment into these events, here are our top tips and ideas for corporate marquee hire fun.

Come up with a unique theme and don’t be boring!

Because corporate functions are often seen as rather tedious affairs, some attendees may have a pessimistic or gloomy attitude towards your event before they even arrive. But by coming up with a theme ahead of time, they will know to expect more merriment.

Your theme can be related to the business or something completely different. However, if you can think of an original idea that it out of the ordinary, guests won’t forget your event in a hurry.

Create some fun competitions, use your imagination!

If you are throwing an industry event where existing clients and potential customers will be attending, then giveaways and promotions are a great way of publicising your brand. But introducing an element of competition will make attendees feel even more engaged with the business.

For staff-orientated events such as training or a party, let your imagination run wild. A pub-style quiz is bound to entertain competitive sales staff, while a light-hearted dance off will get the whole workforce involved.

Don’t stay inside the whole time, get out there too!

One of the biggest benefits of marquee hire for a corporate function is that you can take advantage of the great outdoors. As long as the weather is sunny and dry, guests can seamlessly move from the inside to the outside and enjoy the marquee’s surroundings.

For this reason, you should think carefully about your marquee’s location, as you might want a more picturesque or awe-inspiring backdrop than a dull field or garden.

Hire a photo-booth for an added giggle!

Regardless of whether your corporate function is for the general public or members of staff, hiring a photo-booth makes perfect sense. Clients and customers will receive a memento from the day, which can feature your brand’s logo and details.

As for employees, a photo-booth will enable colleagues to let their hair down together and enjoy each other’s company while also sharing the fun they are having on social media.

Book some sort of entertainment and get jiggy with it!

With the blank canvas of a marquee, your entertainment options are somewhat endless. If you want to give your customers or employees plenty of laughs, consider booking a stand-up comedian.

Alternatively, hire a band or DJ that plays music to reflect the mood of your corporate function. Another option is karaoke, which will also bring clients or colleagues together. Just remember a generator will be needed for entertainment that requires electrical equipment.

At the end of the day, it should be about having fun, don’t take it all too seriously!

Get in touch today for more help and advice to get your event going in the right direction. We have years of experience and have pretty well seen it all, go on, give us a try today. You will be glad that you did, and so will we.