Wedding Marquee Hire

Wedding marquee hire ideas and decoration tips

Even though your wedding is meant to be the most special and unforgettable day of your life, it can also be the most difficult and stressful as well. What’s more, the extortionate cost of throwing a wedding means several brides and grooms worry about the cost rather than savouring this momentous occasion.

Many are choosing Marquees!

As a result, an increasing number of couples are choosing to hire a marquee, as this option is much more affordable than booking a traditional venue. However, the blank canvas of a marquee still needs some furnishing and decorations to impress and astound guests with. On top of that, you will want to look back at your wedding photos with cherished memories instead of regrets over what you could have done differently.

Glamping, Camping and Marquees!

Glamping is the trendy way to go camping, let’s all make marquees the trendy way to entertain your family and special guests after you have tied the knot together!

When the party is over, why not have a glamping honeymoon too somewhere a little different to celebrate your new found love!

Some divine marquee inspiration

If you are still struggling for inspiration, Arena Event Hire has come up with the following wedding marquee hire ideas and decoration tips. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your wedding ideas, as we have provided furniture and decorations for a wide range of diverse occasions in the past.

Wedding marquee hire ideas

  • English – Traditional chairs, embellished table runners, pastel-coloured flower arrangements, and a croquet set outside.
  • Vintage – Shabby chic furniture, mismatched candles, natural-coloured flower arrangements, and vintage accessories.
  • Luxury – White and cream decor, champagne coloured carpet, large colourful centrepieces, and lots of glamorous lighting.
  • Romantic – Starlight ceiling, separate sections for dining and dancing, flower arrangements with red roses, and a stately home-like location.
  • Cultural – Traditional food, elaborate decorations, colourful and detailed fabrics, and no table plan.
  • Travel – Location-based table names, map-based seating plan, international menu, travel-themed gifts for guests.

You can pick and choose any of the aforementioned options to create your ideal marquee wedding. Alternatively, take a look at our gallery to see how previous customers have furnished and decorated their marquees.

Wedding marquee decoration tips

  • Themes – It is often easier to pick a theme for your wedding and base any decoration choices on this. Examples include a beach style wedding and festival themed ceremonies.
  • Flowers – Opt for flower arrangements that suit you and your personality. Browse a variety of bouquets before deciding upon specific flowers too. Use flower arrangements as centrepieces or decorations around your marquee.
  • Lighting – During the daytime, you can simply rely on natural light in a marquee. But when the evening arrives, you will need lighting that reflects your wedding’s mood. Don’t forget about exterior lighting either.
  • Decorations – Again, choose decorations that reflect your characters and relationship. It can be as simple as colourful bunting hanging down from the ceiling or spectacular chandeliers with lots of sparkle.
  • Tables and chairs – Formal weddings should have round tables, while more informal occasions call for comfortable additional seating. Tablecloths are essential, but seat covers make a lot of sense too.

Arena Event Hire has a great range of decorations and accessories available to suit all styles and budgets. Things like furniture, bars, dance floors, and lighting can be booked alongside your marquee, which will make the planning process much easier.

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