Evening Marquee Event

What you need to know when planning a daytime or evening marquee event

Some people think that throwing an event in a marquee is simply a budget-friendly option saving the cost of hiring a venue and all that goes with it. However, there are several other great reasons why you should consider this type of venue for your coming occasion or function.

With marquees, you benefit from a great deal of flexibility in terms of catering, decoration, location and operational hours, while the various shapes and sizes available mean an untold number of guests can be accommodated too.

But before you commit to marquee hire, whether in Colchester, Chelmsford, Essex or London from Arena Event hire, what similarities and differences do you need to know about between daytime and evening events?

Daytime and evening event similarities

With all marquee events, the cost of buying tables and chairs is likely to be extortionate; so you should always hire your furniture. After all, what on earth would you do with it all after the event? Although a lot will depend on your occasion or function, rounder tables tend to be more formal, whereas smaller tables create a relaxed and informal ‘bistro style’ atmosphere.

But remember that with formal occasions like a family wedding, you won’t be able to accommodate as many guests as a party because of the space needed. Generally speaking, marquees can hold around 1.5 times more people standing than seated.

If your event is taking place during the autumn or winter time, you will probably need some form of heating too, due to the sometimes chilly and always unpredictable British weather. It also makes sense to choose solid walls and windows to reduce excessive wind noise and wooden floorboards to prevent shoes from getting ruined by mud etcetera.

As for amenities, you should allow one toilet per 40-50 guests. But if your invitation list far exceeds this number, consider hiring a temporary toilet block to go with your marquee. Try and plan parking as far in advance as possible too. The last thing you want is aggravated or angry guests that weren’t able to find somewhere to park driving off in a huff!

Daytime events

Seeing as it will be bright outside (hopefully), you might be able to get away with no interior lighting whatsoever during the day. However, additional lamps or uplighters are great for setting the mood and may be needed in any case if the weather is overcast and cloudy.

If guests are arriving and leaving during the daylight hours, you might not need any exterior lights either. But to make the outside of your marquee more appealing, think about hanging up some bunting, creating a pathway to the entrance or dotting around some flowerpots.

When it comes to setting-up and cleaning away, you may be able to do this all in one day, but always check whether this is possible with your chosen venue and marquee hire firm first.

Evening events

For evening events with a DJ or live band, you should aim to put the dance floor in the middle of the space, so that it’s the centre of attention. You may also want to place some seats against the side for people to rest, chat and relax during the proceedings.

If there is going to be a bar at your event, position it near to the evening’s entertainment too. This will keep everyone in one place and contribute to the overall event atmosphere. It is also a good idea to check whether there are any noise curfews in the local area, as nearby residents might not want to hear you partying until the early hours of the morning!

As opposed to daytime events, you will need some sort of outside lighting too, so that guests can see where they are going and avoid any trips, slips or falls.

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